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Value is delivered by meeting business requirements. Capminds therefore has analysts on each delivery team, with extensive industry knowledge, that communicate with the customer and specify business requirements.


Successful IT solutions require industry knowledge as well as deep technology expertise. Our customers can count on both: rich experience across major verticals and exceptional technology skills.

With our cumulative experience across major sectors, we deliver innovative solutions that achieve breakthrough results and help you meet competitive challenges. By incorporating industry best practices, our customers are able to hit the ground running with the solutions that we build for them.

Industries in which Capminds has established a significant track record through a keen appreciation of business needs and processes include:

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Deregulation opened up a number of new businesses to banking, and intensified competition among banks and between banks and non-bank financial companies and more

Healthcare costs continue to rise. Physicians, other care providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurers face pressure from litigation and potential malpractice and denial of care more

State and Local Government
Capminds helps Governments implement effective E-Government systems and become closer to their more

We help enterprises streamline regularize and organize business procedure by automating critical enterprises program. Our Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) solution enable enterprises to enjoy real-time information sharing and access mission-critical data through a unique platform. We offer the strategic road map to enterprises by unifying and automating key functions and transaction more

With CapMinds you will experience our retails web applications that are comprehensive, web ready, user friendly, flexible, scalable and yet affordable. Each of the products in the suite has industry best practices that are relevant for small, medium and large more

CapMinds is a healthcare technology company offer services in OpenEMR, Electronic Health records, Practice Management and Medical Billing. Our technology skills along with healthcare expertise provide quality and cost effective solutions.

  • OpenEMR Services: Consulting, Customization, Deployment, Training, Support and meaningful use certification.
  • OpenEMR platform specialization: Expertise in development of advanced specialized modules for Physiotherapist, Mental Health and so on..
  • Medical Billing: Consulting and Medical Billing services to Physiotherapist, Surgeons, Podiatrists, Family Practices, Chiropractors, and so on..
  • Visit our listing on the OpenEMR Commercial Help site

    Medical Billing
    CapMinds helps your practice with end-to-end medical billing process with the following billing process activities.

    • Patient Demographics Entry
    • Charge Entry
    • Medical Coding
    • Insurance Eligibility Verification
    • Claim Review
    • Claim Submission
    • Payment Posting
    • Claim Tracking
    • Denial Management
    • Patient Balances
    • Reports Data Entry / Data more

      To ensure that we deliver with quality and reliability, and meet client objectives, we design and follow processes, supported by our proprietary technology. The processes integrate quality, productivity, compliance, security, and cost saving requirements while delivering services or software. Our investment in infrastructure ensures certainty of service