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Our medical billing outsourcing service is an extension of your practice. We leverage our domain expertise in 24 specialties and experience in 23 Practice Management Software to ensure quicker cash flows for your practice.

The medical billing process is an interaction between a health care provider and the insurance company (payer). The entirety of this interaction is known as the billing cycle sometimes referred to as Revenue Cycle Managemen

EMR & Medical Billing:

CapMinds is an end-to-end Medical Billing service that features daily claims submission, follow-up and denial management. CapMinds processes all claims through a rules based system that reduces the risk of billing errors and denials.

We also handle patient statements and provide a toll-free number for medical billing-related inquiries. Our billing and practice management tools-in concert with our certified EHR-help practices improve patient care, reduce expenses, and increase revenues. These services finally resolve the medical billing pains which most practices experience.

Additionally, we offer a wealth of Technology Tools that improve your ability to access your medical billing and financial reporting information. With iPhone® and Android® applications, a mobile website, and SMS alerts, we offer the most accessible medical billing platform available anywhere.

EMR & Medical Billing Features:
  • An alternative to immediate collection agency placement
  • We successfully secure full benefits of claims previously denied
  • Provider can maintain good patient/provider relations
  • Overall improvement of financial performance, cash flow and profitability

For more details, read the brochure on EMR & Medical Billing Features

  Electronic Billing  
A practice that has interactions with the patient must now under HIPAA send most billing claims for services via electronic means.