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CapMinds consultants helped the NASDAQ replace their existing Market Surveillance system. The legacy system used to experience substantial downtime. The new system enabled uptime of over 99%, increased performance to handle more transactions, and reduced operational costs.


Would you like to work with a partner who helps you increase your agility with optimized business processes and robust technology infrastructure? So that you can focus on executing on your strategy and be sure that your IT systems and processes back your initiatives all the way..

CapMinds works with you to ensure that you always align your IT initiatives with your business goals. Our IT consulting services offerings range from IT strategy and process consulting to technology consulting and solution architecture..

Benefits include reduction in IT costs, management of change and building competitive advantage.

Consulting Service Offerings:

    • IT Strategic Consulting
      Develop an IT strategy that supports your business vision and create sustainable competitive advantage.

    • Business Process Consulting
      Map your business processes, identify areas for improvement, and create a process-oriented blueprint for implementing application systems that are aligned with your target business processes.

    • Technology Consulting
      Provide you with a full assessment of new technologies and how you can leverage the technology for business gain. Evaluate returns from technology investments so that you can make the right choices.

Our consulting model

CapMinds differentiates itself with a unique business model driven by significant upfront investments in training and development of our personnel. Our team understands how to evaluate top talent, retain this talent and proactively address your needs.

By charting out a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap with the help of our senior IT specialists, we address specific business and operational issues. We can also supplement your IT management team – over the short term, medium term and long term.

With our strong HR policies and our training and knowledge sharing networks, Marlabs ensures that experienced consultants, with the right skills, are assigned to each engagement.

  CapMinds invests in training our consultants on business and technology skills via dedicated training centers in the US and India..