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CapMinds BPO services are increasing robustness and scalability of managed care billing.

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Would you like to reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency of certain key processes that are important for your business but do not differentiate you in the market place? By outsourcing these processes, you can focus on the core processes that truly differentiate your company and drive growth.

CapMinds works with you to identify the process or set of processes that are good candidates for outsourcing. For this, we employ a process selection methodology to discover outsourcing possibilities. You can then outsource a single process or a set of processes – in a steady growth or in a “big bang” approach.

CapMinds has a structured ramp up model that enables you to prioritize processes for outsourcing, pilot the outsourced model with a test process, and then move targeted processes to production in a structured manner. This assures you of a smooth transition.

Once the processes are outsourced, we track key process metrics. A personalized dashboard enables you to monitor process parameters. Our offshore delivery teams de-risk process transition and enable process improvement. Robust information security processes and infrastructure protect the security and privacy of your data.

BPO Service Offerings
  • Business process mapping
    Model the business processes to be outsourced

  • Transition planning
    Plan the transition of the process to an outsourced approach

  • Pilot process
    Run a few processes in an outsourced model to test and validate the BPO

  • Production
    Move processes to production in fully staffed and outsourced setup

  • Process improvement
    Track metrics on outsourced processes towards continuous process improvement

  • Training
    Train the team on the outsourced processes

  CapMinds is hiring physicians to scrutinize medical claims in our Insurance Center of Excellence, and thereby making a significant contribution to the speed, quality and accuracy of the claims.